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Ru Paul Portrait

Ok so this is the kind of thing that only happens on South Beach! lol This was a customer who walked in just as we were about to close down for the night. As soon as he walked in he mentioned that he wanted to get a portrait tattoo, which quickly got my attention since I love doing portraits. So I went ahead and asked who he wanted to have tattooed on him and he quickly responded with "Ru Paul" and my eyes perked up! I actually thought it was a really interesting portrait to do since it's not your common portrait of a grandmother, or Jimi Hendrix or some common iconic star. Ru Paul is a celebrity in his own right, but it's not the kind of thing poeple come in and ask for on a regular basis so I felt like I HAD to jump on this and get this portrait into my portfolio! It was a fun tattoo. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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