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Ulysses S Grant tattoo

Ok I been gone for a minute but IM BACK!!!! Nowwww, this was a fun piece! Right in the middle of a busy week, on a slow night in late March, we decided to take some time out and do a birthday tattoo on one of the homies that hang around the shop. Our birthdays were just a couple of days apart so we thought a tattoo would be a good way to celebrate just before I had to take off to Los Angeles and Las Vegas for a week. So we set up shop just before midnight, (which is usually right when I'm leaving work) and went ahead and jumped into this piece. I did make an attempt to record this on my GoPro camara to get a cool time lapse tattoo. Unfortunately the battery on the camera died halfway through the piece. So while I got some good shots of the beginning of the tattoo, I wasn't able to get the entire process. I guess depending on what you guys think, I might decide to post what we did manage to capture on video. Thanks for looking.

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