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Rico Dionichi Bio

     Rico Dionichi has been evolving as an artist long before he ever came into tattooing. From his days as a young trouble maker tagging up high school walls, to working with charcoal and airbrushing,  to painting commission murals, and even creating fiberglass sculptures, he eventually settled into tattooing.

After a long time of searching for the medium he was most comfortable in, Tattooing finally became the "end-all."

His skills as a tattoo artist quickly developed and his art advanced in ways that no other medium allowed him to do.

Now, after nearly 10 years of tattooing  based out of  Rico Dionichi, has opened up this beautiful Custom Tattoo Shop, where he continues to leave his indelible mark imprinted on the skin of thousands of tattoo collectors and ink aficionados.

Check out his work in the galleries, comment on the pictures, and why not go ahead and book yourself an appointment for an awesome tattoo session with Rico himself!

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